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No Rhyme or Reason Shoppe Kratom & CBD

 OKC Kratom. No Rhyme or Reason established a name in early 2017 selling Kratom and CBD. We have since expanded to three stores One of which also serves as a Dispensary. Our dream is to convert every location to a full medical marijuana dispensary. 

Our Brand. The Brand. A Brand you can trust in Natural Healing.
What makes us different? Our Passion. Our Products. Our Relationships.

The Kratom products we carry come straight from the healthy soil of Indonesia. All Botanical Alternatives are high quality, straight from the farms and packaged here locally.  

We guarantee it to be some the highest caliber in the state. Come by to check out our Kratom Shoppe.  There are three locations in the Oklahoma City metro area where you can find our quality Kratom.

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 To help those most vulnerable among us by only providing the best healthy alternatives, and promising to always remain loud and consistent in our advocacy of keeping kratom legal.

The No Rhyme or Reason name is  not too far from you if your are in  Oklahoma City or surrounding areas.

 Don't stress, we have you covered! 


Members of The American Kratom Association

 Retail Charter Members of The American Kratom Association
Working with the AKA to join forces and defend the rights of so many of us. This sets us apart from so many. Why go anywhere else?  Check our BLOG for any updates after our Conference calls with the American Kratom Association.

We are not like other sellers you may have dealt with in the past. We make sure to Lab Test everything up to 3 times before it is packaged. We are respectable and honest. We are here for our customers and treat them like family.

We have passion for all Healthy Alternatives. We do not sell something for the intention of destroying people or to make a quick buck. We wanted to share this way of life with others. 

We have no Rhyme or Reason when hand-selecting our products.

 We pride ourselves on delivering only the best to the guests of our shoppe. Come check out what inspires us to create the superior experience. 


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3 locations in OKC

We love our customers, so feel free to visit during normal business hours.

No Rhyme or Reason Kratom Shoppe & CBD

7910 North May Avenue, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73120, United States



A name you can trust in Natural Healing.