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At No Rhyme Or Reason Kratom Shoppe, Kratom Is Our Passion, But We Do Dabble In Many Hobbies As Well. Here At Our Store Location Or Online, You Can Find Many Unique Treasures. We Have A Wide Variety Of Collectibles, Antiques, Pretty Much Anything And Everything Vintage. In Our Downtime, We Are Always On The Hunt For Hidden Beauty In All Things That We Can Bring To Our Store And Share With Our Customers. We Also Have A Small But Hand-Picked Selection Of Beauty Items And Jewelry.

Our Mission


No Rhyme Or Reason Kratom Shoppe Is A Small, Family-Owned Company. We Are Based Out Of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Where We Are Proud Of The Work We Do To Ensure We Provide Only The Purest, Highest Quality-Tested Kratom To Our Community. We Love That We Are Able To Serve Our Customers Not Only High Quality, Pure Kratom, But The Peace Of Mind That You Are Supporting A Company With Integrity And A Strong Commitment To The Advocacy Of Natural, Healthy, And Safe Relief Over Pharmaceutical Drugs.

Our Mission Is To Help Those Most Vulnerable Among Us By Only Providing The Best, And Promising To Always Remain Loud And Consistent In Our Advocacy Of Keeping Kratom Legal. 

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A Name You Can Trust

. No Rhyme or Reason Medical Marijuana and Kratom Shoppe is your ONE stop shoppe for various strains of Kratom, CBD and of course cannabis if your come to our dispensary location. We offer you the best products in in the entire state of Oklahoma and have acquired  a reputation of the name you can trust. With employees that are friendly and knowledgeable your experience at our store is both pleasant and informative. We are here to educate and change the social stigma that comes with "natural alternative medicine". We also add new products all the time. Including jewelry, skin care, and vintage items.

Proud Charter Member of The American Kratom Association


By becoming a charter member of the AKA Retailer Membership Program, we are joining the fight alongside us, to show that we stand united. By joining, will organize efforts to show the economic impact of kratom related businesses to our communities, the impact on the health and well-being of those who consume it, and to arm the kratom community with facts to share and calls to action to influence legislators. 

Most importantly, Our membership will help AKA demonstrate our community’s commitment to developing standards and guidelines that govern the sale and use of kratom, ensuring its safe use.

Our Membership commitment will put us right on the front lines with the AKA so that we can be kept abreast of the latest legislation, actions and other events that could impact our business and the legality of kratom in our state.  

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Standing Strong with The American Kratom Association


We fully support the American Kratom Association as they work hard at a local, state and federal level to keep Kratom Legal. 

Please donate and check out any Call to Actions they may have on their website from link HERE>>>> .     AKA WEBSITE





Ways to Help

AKA Demands FDA Stop It's Disinformation Campaign Against Kratom:

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Scientists Warn Trump/FDA's War on Kratom Could Worsen Opioid Crisis

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The FDA Has Declared Kratom an Opioid & That's Pretty Misleading!

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Sign up to learn more about how you can help #keepkratomlegal & get updates on the legal status of #Kratom in your state and across the country. Text KRATOM to 42828

Donate to The American Kratom Association

Reminder: We need to make sure that AKA continues to fight for us all in the Kratom community. They are on the front lines in any state that needs it. This is important. All our customers will be donating before their next purchase. We can enjoy our Kratom, then we can spare some extra change to help fight to keep this available.


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